Wednesday, 17 February 2016

'Teenage Kicks' at Visible Image


It feels like I haven't blogged forever! :(
For me, i've been working longer hours and so tired of late, 
I've had to prioritise, so if you've wondered where I've been I'm still here, still making creations with 
Visible Image stamps,  just had to cut down on the all time consuming blogging!
But boy oh boy have I been having fun with some of the awesome 
They're the best EVER!!!

I hope you've been watching Create and Craft with Visible Image?
If you have you'll of seen the fantastic New MDF Monoliths at the fab price of £9.99 for 5!
Also some of the new stamps, there's so many of them, Mark and Helen have really done theirselves proud, they're relentless with an abundance of dedication, they're working so much and so hard of late!
So many choices in these NEW RELEASES, there's the link to go and feast your eyes, but I warn you, be prepared to put lots of them in your basket!
Grab a cuppa and enjoy! :)

So I will start off with my ULTIMATE favourite of these exciting newbies :)

These are all made with this WICKED stamp Teenage Kicks £9.99

Visible Image Teenage Kicks teenager converse stamp set

and i LOVE it, its so current and great for teenagers and young at heart adults!

Go bag yourself it, its crisp and current, you will not be sorry!

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Thanks for stopping by :)

Much Love

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  1. these are sooooo cool. love 'em. methinks i need this set xx